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privacy explosure Essay

  • Submitted by: nputitfkh119
  • on February 19, 2009
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Below is an essay on "privacy explosure" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

With the increasing thirst of privacy peep over celebrities and public figures among the public, journalists and

reporters are driven to pry much deeper for a story that no one else has been able to disclose and dig further into

all aspects of celebrities' lives by means of highly advanced technology which enables them to get information more

easily and instantaneously.

Disclose of celebrities turns out mostly to be a negative side of them since people have an inclination to focus and

gossip on the deficiency of others, especially on the famous ones. Whether the exposure involves one's ill habit or

marital infidelities, it will all be harmful to the victims to some extent,especially when those misconducts are

against what they advocate or what they are trying to instill to the public. For example, when a politician who

advocate strict ban on tobacco is found to be a smoker himself, absurd may it sounds or when an actor who act as a

positive role,perhaps an hero appointed to save the earth, turns out to be involved in some ethical issues, not only

do they totally ruin their reputation by strong contrast between on the screen and outside the screen, but also

deeply hurt their audience and supporters and most probably bring about negative effect and dissatisfaction on

society. For example,the record-breaking Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps who was exposed to be engaged in smoking

dope, has set a bad example for the youth all over the world and let down millions of people in spite of his

outstanding demonstration of strength and confidence in the athletic field.

Admittedly, misbehavior of individuals should be pointed out and then rectified, yet not in a way of exposure to the

public and criticized by those unacquainted people which run counter to the notion of preservation of human right.

Celebrities are just ordinary people when they are not appearing on the show. We should not expect one to be as...

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