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Privacy Today and 1984 Essay

  • Submitted by: joshuarea
  • on December 16, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Privacy Today and 1984" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

George Orwell created 1984 not as a forecast of the future but as a powerful gesture of caution warning mankind of the danger in a society stripped of individuality and finer human emotions. He depicts a culture where hatred, terror, and suspicion force all human bonds to no longer exist and isolation to remain a way of live. Though the overall situations in Oceania seem outrageous and impossible, many of the inventions and beliefs put forth by the novel have come to exist.
Mr. Orwell had pinpointed an essential cause of the Party's survival: its capacity to monitor every aspect of its subjects' lives. The previous despotisms had crumbled due to their inability to detect and suffocate divergent thoughts; while they received compliance in deed, dissent brewed in secrecy, eventually expanding to bring about the overthrow of the dominant elite and the institution of a less oppressive regime. However, with concealed cameras at every corner, disguised agents of the Thought Police prowling every street for suspicious figures, and the industrial capacities of the nation aimed at perfecting such predatory mechanisms, trends toward rebellion in Oceania are spotted and suppressed in their early stages. A parallel can be produced to the theoretical suggestions of Mr. Dewey, who proposed that schools remain continually vigilant in regard to the private lives of their students and even (as was also the purpose of the Spies in Oceania) recruit the youths themselves to watch their relatives with suspicion, all with the motive of broadening the influence of the socialist State. Such a system is already being employed to note "mental illness trends" in students, yet its imposition spreads to other fields. This essay aims to spot the menace and discover connections between its various branches and the ultimate source.
The question stands, are Americans really free? There still exists, written and unwritten, laws and regulations that control our behavior and actions. It is...

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