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Problem And Solution Essay

  • Submitted by: turkimo
  • on March 4, 2011
  • Category: English
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I will write a simple essay that talks about some problems that are in some of this story’s characters and in the same time the story had solved these problems in a different ways these problem could benefit the reader because from each problem there is a goal that the author mean it. I will give you some example from more than a character and the solution.
    Pip are facing some problems in the story for example that he had a rough hands and a thick boots   this problem meant a lot of things to pip first thing Estella always making fun that he have these hands and boots and that makes pip without an heart cause Estella braked it with her unpiloted words toward pip and the solution is in the same story the author mentioned a bad thing in Estella so pip can revenge and make fun of her but Estela was good women and she noticed that she was wrong and she stopped making fun of him and in my side and in my opinion if I saw any problems in any guy I don’t make fun of him but I will try also to stop others from that and every person in this world had a things that are bad and he want to get rid of it .
        Now I will talk a bit of Estella the women without an heart she had a rough hart , she don’t cares in other feelings and emotions and that are a big problem that isn’t good she always broke pip’s heart and she tells what pip are facing from bad things and in the story the solve it by putting a character that can stop’s Estella from this attitude that aren’t good but at last she noticed the wrong that she done it and she had another important problem she was arrogant because she see herself more beautiful than others , and that problem is these days are much and most of the people are like that , the solution is the other characters stop her in a limit that she can’t break it and all of them have to change their way in dealing and treating her they have to treat her in a way that they let her feel that she is wronged .
        Joe is a simple person that are...

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