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Proggressivism Essay

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The Progressive Era was based on the idea that progress in society was possible. Although, the progressives had different approaches to make changes most of them had the same goals: to make economic life more fair and to eliminate special privileges and favoritism for the wealthy This was a very beneficial to society. This time in history gave workers equal rights, eliminated the political machines and made the government less corrupt, and developed trust, acts, and bills to protect the people and businesses owners. Without the progressives, there would not have been a progressive era.
There were times when Progressivism would succeed and times where it would fail. One of the goals in Progressivism was to stop the competition between companies and making sure everything was equal. People including Carnegie and Rockefeller went against progressivism and decided to cancel out all the smaller companies so that they could have more money. The Progressives that believed that they were helping out the immigrants were really just taking money from the government and not doing society much good. There were also progressives that succeeded in contributing to the Progressivism.
I believe that the progressivism was mainly affected by leadership and Theodore Roosevelt was a great example of that. President Theodore Roosevelt made a huge difference in society. He listened to the workers and the people more than any other president had ever done before. Teddy Roosevelt made connections to the people and he was the exact type of leadership that was needed for the Progressive Era to become what it is known as today.

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