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Project Developement Essay

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1) Project Overview: My Project is based upon Solar Household Energy. In India, the need for energy is increasing day by day. Solar energy being the renewable source of energy, I am doing the project on solar household energy so as to make the people aware that how the sun’s radiant energy could be utilised to meet the nation’s energy requirements. I am going to do this project in Kutch district which is situated in Gujarat State. Gujarat state faces the maximum shortage of energy. My project would focus on Solar Cooking, Solar Collector, Solar Water Heating and Solar Electricity. Most of the people use biomass for cooking which can lead to various diseases, economic problems and environmental degradation. Through the use of solar cooking, the stress on the environment would be reduced and the life of the people in Gujarat would be made easy. Solar collectors would enable to capture the sunlight and convert it into usable heat energy. A solar collector would be installed in the roof of every house in a position to capture sunlight and this sunlight would be used to heat the water in the tank. This hot water would be pumped through pipes to the house. There are two methods of converting solar energy into electricity. One is the photovoltaics and the other is solar thermal system. Photovoltaics involve generation of electricity through solar cells. Solar cell would be installed at a place and when sunlight strikes it electricity would be generated due to movement of electrons. The other way is to set up solar thermal power plants where the sunlight would be captures through solar collectors and would be made to heat a liquid. This heated liquid would make steam that would produce electricity in a similar manner like coal plants. Through this project I would make the masses of Kutch District aware that they can rely upon solar energy which is abundant and they would not face any power cuts, and energy shortages in their lifetime. This project would also be beneficial...

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