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Project Mgt Essay

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Phase 2: Planning and Design |

| This phase is important as it provides the foundation for the following phases. The aim of this step is to ensure that the objectives can and will be met within the set time and budgetary constraints.This phase involves:   * Defining the exact purpose of the project and clearly defining the objectives to be achieved   * Breaking the project into tasks or activities and defining the purpose of each   * Estimating the shortest and longest possible time required for each activity   * Identifying milestones and key time markers in the project that keep the project on schedule   * Determining the sequence of activities and any constraints affecting the sequence. For example, some tasks must be completed before other ones can start, or particular resources might be required for the activity. This also includes:   * Deciding which activities should be completed before others can commence   * Identifying activities that can be done simultaneously or must be done at the same time   * Assigning resources, people, materials and equipment to activities   * Estimating the cost of resources   * Drawing up a calendar of eventsThe deliverables or final output of this phase could include:   * A project plan for management review   * A GANTT chart   * A PERT diagram, including a critical path, or a network diagram |

Phase 3: Production |

During this phase the plan is put into operation. It ought to provide a completed project, ready to be 'handed over to' clients. Alternatively, it may end in a full implementation, i.e. at the end of an internal organisational project.This phase involves:   * Providing the resources   * Completing the activities   * Monitoring, controlling and recording the progress of the project on the GANTT chart   * Comparing the current progress to the planned schedule   * Updating and refining the schedule as required   * Monitoring resource use to ensure no budgetary blowout   * Ensuring milestones and...

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