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Proposal Essay

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Family and personal relationships
Most people think anyone cannot live without the other. Since that a personal relationship and family is important thing for everyone. Everyone has to have in a personal relationship and then it turns to a family. Nowadays, we can see different kinds of personal relationships such as straight, and the sex couples. To any relationships, the traditional family view, love, finance or social compatibility, and other situations affect a lot to be in a relationship and to become a family. How all these things effecting to the young woman or man to become a family and what do we need to achieve and what goals do we need to meet before making our family?
  I am interested few things about be a family, such as how does the same sex relationships come to a family, especially the kids problem and in the straight family motherhood and fatherhood. Also, the advantages and disadvantages between old parents and young parents. The important things are what our goal is before making a family.
Modern young man or woman with traditional parents it is could be kind of hard to understand to the parents their relationship. Love is not governed by logical considerations, such as the finance or social compatibility; there is nevertheless method in the madness. I know that we have to do something to live but in the family we need to do something to feed my family.
I need to do more research on the relationships, ideal of family, and the goals are before making a family. I would like to show what role model of a best family is. Also, what is the best time to start a family.

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