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Proposal Essay

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1.0 Problem Description

Our world is submitted to continuous changes and technological advantages. Through the years, humans have worked toward an easier and more relax life style. In this process we have seen how the science has succeeded putting almost anything in movement using the principles of mechanics. The principal reason in most cases is to satisfies their needs and without knowing, achieve big steps in the technology. In the beginning we have no power induced by a motor, only the user can put some manual power in the tools to achieve certain type of work, but today this has change. We have many devices that are not useful if there is not a motor present, and other things that simply are very hard to imagine without this technology.   Moreover we have the opposite face of the coin, we have many things in our everyday life that are manual, and we don’t even imagine how it will work if we install a motor on it. We are adapted to do this kind of things manually, but there are people out there that just can do it by themselves. What I am talking about is things as simple as to open a window; pull the refrigerator door or lift a chair. There are person that have health conditions and can’t do this kind of things for themselves.

That is the kind of problem that we are interested in. We want to help this kind of people that for some reason need special devices in order to live their life better. In our case we are going to be focused on the problem that a person may have opening a horizontal window. The horizontal window is one of the most common types of window in our houses, and buildings.   As we know, open a window is a manual work that you have to do if you want to take some fresh air or maybe seen the outdoor.   Right know, there are persons that can’t do this kind of force because it requires having grip between the handle and the fingers, and also it depends on the force applied to it. In addition to the people mentioned above, there is also another...

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