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Protestant Essay

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  • on December 10, 2008
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3 Reasons for Protestant Reformation

1. Poor or laborers had huge dissatisfaction w/ wealth of clergy & thought part of ruthless ruling class
a. Protest against social order
b. Peasant rebellions 1520’s
c. Religious sects founded:
1. Anabaptists
2. Modern Baptists
3. Mennonites
4. Morarran Brothers

2. Middle class cities: were like ind. republics in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands
a. They wanted to manage their own affairs in church
b. Church too concerned w/ their problems
1. Calvinists resulted
3. Kings & Ruling
a. Disputed w/ church over property, taxes, legal, & politics
b. Ruler wanted to be in complete control
- Decisions decided which religion people practiced
- Lutheran & Anglican churches this way

Northern Europe Protestant-Southern Europe Catholic

1. Movement definitely revolutionary
a. Abuses had to be changed
b. Roman C.C. wrong in principle
c. People hoped old & new ways could be combined

2. Both sides sought to destroy adversary
a. Revolutionists wanted & hoped for Pope to fall
b. Old order convicted heretics
3. Religious separation permanent 1560 but not accepted until 1648 = End of 30 year war

Luther & Lutheranism

A. Luther dissatisfied w/ older church
1. Many inner problems
- Was worried about the devil, his littleness & suffering
2. The sacrament, prayer, & mass didn’t provide him satisfaction that he would be helped

3. Changed his outlook by developing the doctrine of justification by faith alone
= “the just shall live by faith”
a. Did not need alms, ornaments, but faith given to God alone
4. A person did not earn grace by doing good, but did good by having grace of God
5. All is ideas helped him live easier
Not all thought his ideas were against the church

B. 1st Changes
1. 1517: becomes disillusioned by church b/c friar selling indulgences to build St. Peters in Rome
- Wrong-couldn’t earn grace this way
2. 95 Theses
a. Reviewed churches...

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