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Psy 240 Stages Of Ego Essay

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  • on February 23, 2011
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CheckPoint:   Stages of Ego
Axia University

The Infancy Stage is the first stage of development in Jane Loevinger`s stages of ego development. Infants do not have the ability to express their feelings in words, thus, they must make conclusions on what they observe.
The Impulsive phase is the second phase of ego development. This is mainly the toddler`s stage. For example, a toddler will pick up an object and put it in his/her mouth, or grab an ornament off the Christmas tree. Parents must be highly aware of toddler`s in this stage, because of the danger of the child being injured. Additionally, some individuals stay at the impulsive point eternally, and their ego will be centered on direct desires.
Children in middle childhood are in the third phase of ego development, the Self-Protective phase, a competitive stage of development. The child has consciousness of cause and effect, and anticipates immediate short-term rewards, and punishments.
The fourth phase of ego development is the Conformist phase. This phase is devoted to a child working to gain approval of their peers in school. Their assessment of others is based on exterior observations such as appearance, and social status.
The fifth phase of ego development is the Self-Aware stage. The person is aware of group and individual standards, and holds others and themselves accountable to those standards (Loevinger, J., 1976).
The time when a person has a strong sense of responsibility towards others, and feels guilt when they hurt another person is the Conscientious stage.
Between the Conscientious and Autonomous phase (dealing with inner conflict), there is the individualist level, which is a transitional level. The person may be aware of inner conflict and struggle (Loevinger, 1977).

Finally, once the individual has a fully developed identity, and has moved away from all conflicts, he or she has reached the most difficult phase, the integrated phase of ego development (Loevinger, 1977)....

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