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The Psychological Effects Of Plastic Surgery Essay

  • Submitted by: macchasina
  • on May 29, 2008
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Below is an essay on "The Psychological Effects Of Plastic Surgery" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In 2007 there were 11.7 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed. This ranged from liposuction to breast augmentation to eyelid surgery and hair transplants. It is interesting to know as to how people really feel psychologically about themselves. Self-esteem is a major factor in plastic surgery. The psychological state of mind can affect a person’s mentality level in many different ways. One way may be the way a person may look and feel about his or herself. Many people may say it is the person’s self-esteem level, but it could also be a psychological problem. Low self-esteem could lead people, whether male or female, to believe that cosmetic surgery will cure this feeling forever. Cosmetic surgery has its commendations in making a person’s desires for beauty come true as long as the person has a positive mentality or state of mind.
There are two types of causes that could lean a person towards having plastic surgery. One cause could be congenital, meaning that the disfigurement could have been caused by birth, or it could have been hereditary. If this is the case then this type of person could be suitable for having plastic surgery. On a more psychological aspect, a second cause that could lean a person towards having plastic surgery is an acquired cause. This could happen some time after a person is born or some time during the person’s life. Two examples of acquired causes are traumatic injuries which may cause the person to feel less desirable or something that happens too many of women, which is the after effect of pregnancy that leads to stretch marks or loose, sagging skin after giving birth.
Many people, both men and women, have false assumptions or believe in mistaken myths. Many of people wonder what their life would be like if they looked a different way or some how could reach perfection. These people have a distorted view of reality and think that by having plastic surgery it would some how fix everything. There are many of people that...

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