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psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: santetye
  • on June 18, 2008
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My score on the Comprehensive Health Assessment was 680 which mean that my health behavior is relatively supportive of high level health. Although I had a good score, but it didn’t mean that I am well in all of the areas. I have to maintain a healthy life because I plan on living past 80.
I scored pretty well in the Social and Occupational Health because I’m the type of person who doesn’t let social issue take control over me. I love making jokes with everyone. I love joking around with my family and friends. . My job is very stressful also but I do my best not to let the customers get in my head because they can be very crucial. I keep my work life away from my personal life. I think most stresses come from your worksites and personal life and when you mix those two together you get more stressed so I decided to keep them from each other. I manage them pretty well and it keeps me a little under stress.
I didn’t do well in the Spiritual and Psychological Health categories because I don’t really express my opinion when it comes to religions I believe it’s something sacred and it should stay sacred.
I didn’t do well also in the Stress Management because I’m going through a lot right now I lost a person who were more than a mother to me. It stressed me out every time I think about her, and I think about her every second.
In the fitness I did pretty well because I like going to gym.   I have a membership to a gym that’s a couple of blocks from my house and its twenty four hours. I go to gym 5 days a week because I’m participating in recreational and fitness activities both to minimize stress and to improve or maintain my level of physical fitness. I make sure that I sleep 8 to 9 hours, eat right keep my body in good shape.
I did pretty well in the rest, especially Health Care Consumerism. I really make sure that I see my doctor regularly and drink my pills on time and as directed. I really like my doctor because if I miss an appointment he would call me to make...

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