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Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: bess
  • on November 22, 2008
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As I signed up for this psychology course, I truly hadn’t a clue what I was signing up for.   I certainly didn’t realize what the class subject really entailed.   That is, many of my personal perceptions were quite different from some of the facts discussed in class, on the other hand; many perceptions were very similar.   In my opinion, psychology and behavior have always been extremely interesting subjects that have never failed to leave me continually questioning.   It seems that throughout the chapters discussed one question would be answered only to open the doors to a flood of other questions and possibilities.   With this being the case, I have again had an extremely difficult time organizing a reaction to just one subject we have studied impiticular, I find them all festinating.   While learning the material throughout the chapters and gaining bits of new knowledge I find that my interest in psychology is far greater than I imagined.   Human behavior is just plain festinating in my opinion.  
I find subjects dealing with psychological disorders such as anxiety, psychosis, bipolar disease, depression, mania and obsessive compulsive disorders the most interesting.   For instance, stress; is it a healthy pressure we all tend to put on ourselves at one time or another?   Can stress actually benefit and motivate one?   If so how much is too much and when do you know it’s too much?   How about anxiety what is considered and acceptable amount, after all,   we must all suffer from a small amount of anxiety, if we didn’t we wouldn’t get nervous about anything, we wouldn’t have a scenes of urgency or desire to do well and prosper in our goals with out a little form of nervousness or anxiety.     Obsessive compulsive disorders, do they start out on a low level and steadily increase or does the compulsiveness just plain hit full force all at once?   How about depression?   Is it one diagnosis or are there many symptoms combined that fit the one term; depression?   Insomnia is...

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