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Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: sockers
  • on December 3, 2008
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So far in the class it is hard for me to know for certain what I have learned that I could use in my everyday life or even what I could use in the future. Part of the problem with knowing what I would use in the future is the fact that I don’t know even remotely what my future will look like. I can use some of what we have discussed to look back on my life and understand a little bit better of why I am the way that I am. In class we talked briefly about the three major themes that can be used to consider any behavior or topic.
Whether or not behavior is learned or hereditary interested me the most. I have always believed that people are a product of their environment and predisposed to a certain condition in life because of some gene they might possess.
I think that the reason I have become the person I am today is a major product of the environment that I grew up in. I come from a home that wasn’t the greatest to live in. An abusive alcoholic father and a mother who was never home and never really seemed to care when she was home all contributed to the person I have become. A lot of people would look at the bad things that could have been caused by this environment, but I tend to look at only the good things that came out of it.
One of the major things that I learned from my father was the ignorance of the irrational behavior that he showed when he was drunk or high. His actions when I was younger keep me from wanting to drink and I rarely do so now. Also, his violent and abusive behavior towards the people he supposedly loved has taught me to be very protective of the people I care about. Never would I hurt or let anyone else hurt the people that I love. I could very easily have become the person that my father was, but I make a conscious effort every day to become the exact opposite of my father. He is not a person that I could ever see myself being.  
My mother taught me a lot in her behavior as well. Since she was always at work and hardly ever...

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