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Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: highz71
  • on April 3, 2008
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Have you ever wondered or imagined what is going through your child’s mind when they exhibit some of the actions that they do? Color psychology is a relatively new field of study that has many psychologist interested. However, there is a limited amount of resources on the psychological effects of color, and not too many statistics which can support some of the theories. There is still much information we can receive. Color attraction is apart of your genes, early childhood memories, education, political leanings, and other aspects of living (Barrett). All of these factors can significantly change and affect your child’s cognitive style of learning depending on the color coding which, which they were born (Barrett).
Recent Studies
During the year of 1981, two researchers by the name of Sinofsky and Knirch found that color affects students’ attitudes, behaviors, and learning (Pytel). Research includes reasons for using brighter colors because they can significantly affect a student’s attention span and the student’s and teacher’s sense of time (Pytel). This can greatly influence any student and their ability to learn in their environmental surroundings. During the same year, which seemed to be a great year for the findings on color impacts and effects on children, is the year that Bross and Jackson declared that colors liked by students influenced their muscular tension as well as later findings by Poyser in 1983 included motor control as well (Pytel). Research continued for years, which led to another breakthrough in the knowledge of the psychological effects Wohlfarth in 1986, and Sydoriak in 1987, both associated warmer colors with the slightest elevations in blood pressure in children. While cooler colors, such as a light blue, caused slight drops in blood pressure,   which was found by Hathaway a year later in 1988 (Pytel). Green is a color that can be associated with lighter colors rather than the bolder colors. During the dormant winter months in the...

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