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Psychology Essay

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  • on May 4, 2008
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Chapter 16

Perspectives on Psychological Disorders

How should a psychological disorder be defined?

How are they to be understood

How should they be classified

- mental health workers view these disorders as persistently harmful thoughts, feelsings, and actions. when a behavior is deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional, psychiatrists and psychologists label it disordered.
-standards for deviant behavior vary by culture and context

-ADHD- this plagues 4 percent of the children who display inattention, distractibility, forgetfulness, disorganization, hyperactivity, fidgeting, restlessness, impulsivity, interrupting, blurting out answers.

Understanding Psychological Disorders

The Medical Model

-that psychological disorders are sickness provided the impetus for further reform as hospitals replaced asylums.

The Biopsychosocial Approach

-psychologists contend that all behavior whether called normal or disordered arises from the interaction of nature and nurture. to presume that a person is mentally ill attributes to the condition solely to an interal problem to a sickness that must be found and cured but maybe there is no deep internal problem. maybe instead a growth blocking difficulty in their enviroment or bad social habits

              Biological Influences:                                         Psychological Influences:
              -evolution                                                             -stress
              - individual genes       -trauma
  -brain structure and chemistry       -learned helplessness
      -mood-related perceptions and memories

                                                              Social-Cultural Influences:...

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