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Psychology and Health Problems Essay

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  • on October 5, 2009
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Psychologists use the multi-factorial model to evaluate how environmental factors, biological factors, sociocultural factors, behavioral responses, personality factors and a variety of stressors are related to health. Included in biological factors are gender, genetics, age, medical history, ethnicity, medical history as well as a person’s family history of diseases or illnesses. Those biological factors are crucial to figuring out the multi-factorial model for the reason that it helps researchers in recognizing the diseases along with other ailments that are carried with someone’s family history. As an example, if illnesses like Alzheimer’s and heart disease have been in a person’s family for several years, then most likely that person is predisposed to these specific illnesses which in turn raises their chance of having these illnesses more so than other people who do not have Alzheimer’s and heart disease as part of their family history.
    Environmental factors are another part of the multi-factorial model that includes natural disasters, water quality and pollution. An environmental issue that can cause illnesses is pollution. Carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas found in cigarette smoke, auto fumes and smog, lowers the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood (Nevid and Rathus, 2005). The affects of carbon monoxide on people includes their cognition and altering the person’s perception of time. Big metropolitan sections and other cities are used to warnings telling them to remain indoors or stay away from specific places to lower be a on a person’s life.
    Another element of the multi-factorial model is sociocultural factors. Sociocultural factors include socioeconomic status, family situation along with access to health care. Such as, a person’s socioeconomic status could possibly have a big impact on health. People who are struggling socioeconomically are taking more pressure from everyday life hassles in turn making them live a lifestyle that is...

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