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Psychology Chapter 1 Essay

  • Submitted by: djgokuman
  • on December 5, 2011
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Chapter 1 Outline

Chapter 1.1

the study of the mind
the understanding of behavior and mental processes of individuals

Experimental psychologists
psychologists who study basic psychological processes

Teachers of psychology
psychologists who teaches psychology

Applied psychologists
psychologists who take the data gathered by experimental psychologists to solve human issues
ex: sports psychologists, engineering psychologists, clinical psychologists, and rehabilitation psychologists

medical treatment to help mental disorders

an unsupported psychological belief

Critical Thinking Skills
Find the source.
Is what you are looking for reasonable or extreme?
What evidence is there?
Could bias of something effect the conclusion?
Is there more than one possibility?

Emotional bias
Judgements based on feelings rather than the evidence given

Confirmation bias
Using the evidence already given to make a decision without exploring more evidence to come

Chapter 1.2
Scientific method
a five-step process for a hypothesis to be tested with experiments that provide controlled conditions
Create a hypothesis
Conduct a controlled test
Gather information
Analyze the information gather
Replicate the results and conclude

Empirical investigation
research that uses sensory experience and observations as data is gathered by the observer

something testable for explantation with observations or true facts

a statement that can be proven or disproven with the scientific method

Experimental group
the participants in an experiment who are exposed to the treatment

Control group
the participants in an experiment who are not exposed to the treatmeant, but to compare and contrast from the experimental group later

Independent variable
the thing that is being changed during an experiment independently

Random assignment
a process used to assign...

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