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Psychology and health problems Essay

  • Submitted by: banana1
  • on October 26, 2008
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Everyone goes through life knowing that one day they will have to make a major life change. Many of us are ready for those changes, or at least feel as if they are ready for those changes. Little to our knowledge, these positive changes can actually lead to stress. Stress can lead to many health problems, such as high blood pressure and headaches. Through out the years, many scientists have learned that psychological factors play major roles in determining our vulnerability of possible life threatening diseases. Many of these psychological factors can be stress and behavior patterns. Diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases can be some of the down falls when it comes to stress and behavior patterns. Many people are unaware that stress can lead to the potentially life threatening diseases, many people are aware of them, but still choose to contribute to these threatening diseases.

Although many disease people have depends on their history, many people develop these diseases by stress and their behavior patterns. Many people are aware that behavior patterns can contribute to diseases, such as coronary heart disease. People are aware that eating foods in high cholesterol is unhealthy and can cause coronary heart disease, but still eat these foods. Eating these types of foods, plus dealing with everyday stress heightens the risk of developing not only heart diseases, but many health problems such as diabetes. Our bodies respond to stress in many different ways.   A famed stress researcher named Hans Selye outlined the changes that occur in the body response to stress; he called this system the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). The first stage is the alarm reaction. During the alarm reaction, the body is aware of the stress. It prepares the body to fight or flee from the stressor or any kind of danger. The resistance stage is when the body is trying to restore lost energy and repair any bodily damage. The exhaustion stage is when the body becomes exhausted.   At this...

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