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Psychology In Sports Today Essay

  • Submitted by: deshawn95
  • on February 24, 2011
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Psychology   in Sports Today

Many people do not know that sports require a great deal of mental focus and psychological preparation. I have played in over a hundred football games in my lifetime. I can tell you first hand it is not just the physical abilities but the psychological approach to a game that gives a team an advantage over the other teams. A team that is not ready mentally will not perform well physically due to the lack of mental focus and poor psychological preparation.
Pregame talk is not the same as the coach’s pregame speech. Pregame talk is the talk amongst the players on the team before a game starts. Sometimes this takes place days or weeks before the game. Big games can require a lot of mental preparation and cause anxiety and other psychological affects. Pregame talk gets a team mentally prepared for games. Players talk about things like: opposing team strategies, and individual assignments. Without this pregame talk a lot of teams would not be mentally prepared or psychologically ready for in game adjustments.
Halftime speeches from coaches are all about getting a team pumped up and ready for more physical play that their bodies probably would not be able to do without the brain wanting it more then the body. Teams that have been down big at half time have credited their coach for the extra motivation that brought them back to win the game.   A player can feel Momentum during a game when they score a game changing touch down. A team can feel it when they come back from a deficit late in the game or when their lead in the division vanishes. A fan can feel it as their team "catches fire" or goes "as cold as ice". And, play-by-play announcers love to talk about it. All this has nothing to do with physical ability and everything to do with mental focus and psychological adjustments.


If you are a serious athlete and have ever had an experience with an injury, then you know that the physical hurt...

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