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Psychology Is Sport Essay

  • Submitted by: gatesy1994
  • on September 26, 2013
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Introduction: In this task I will be describing, explain and evaluate the effect that personality and motivation have on sports performance.


Personality- Is the sum of the characteristics that make a person who they are and makes them unique.

Personality can affect how you perform in different sports performance, this has been of interest to sports psychologists and researchers for many years. There are different theories that have been suggested to try to explain all about and how it influences sports performance.  

Relating different personalities to football would be Cristiano Ronaldo to Jamie Carragher, Ronaldo has a huge ego, he also wears the brightest boots, earrings, makes his hair look perfect, whereas Carragher would never be seen in other than black boots, keeps himself to himself, and doesn’t care about his appearance just his performance.

Motivation- refers to having a drive to take part and to persist in an activity, it is the tendency of an individual or team to begin and then carry on with the activities relating to their sport.

There are two main types of motivation Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Players can be motivated by different things such as money, trophies, medals, and the enjoyment and for big finals. An example of a player who plays for money is Manchester United’s Anderson who has come out in the paper and said he has been brought up to play for the money whereas Fernando Torres left Liverpool to win trophies and medals.  



We looked at the main theories psychologists have been studying and these are:

Marten’s schematic

The psychodynamic theory

Trait theory

Situational approach

Interactional Approach

Marten’s schematic

This theory is seen as having three different levels that are related to each other
Psychological core

This is what people call the real you, this is the part of you that...

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