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Psychology Paper

  • Submitted by: ilovedoc25
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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As we walk among millions of people, I wonder how many of these pre-innocent people will become another threat to the United States. How many of those will be teenagers? And as I’m deep in thought I begin to understand that it’s inevitable for the world to keep clean of evil deeds. That’s the beauty of the American government; providing justice when necessary. However, similar to life, the government has flaws and may be beaten. Currently, the American legal system allows the defendant to plea not guilty for reasons of insanity, and be released from any charges. Therefore, I do not support the claims of individuals that blame their behaviors on their genetics and for this reason should not have responsibility for their actions and outcomes. Every human being should be held equally accountable for their decisions and behaviors. In result, it would not be ethical to determine one’s genetic make-up and thereby predetermine those who are to become criminals and incarcerate those individuals before they commit a crime.
From a child to adult, whether you were taught between right and wrong, humans have built-in censors that can identify the difference, a conscious. If a small child should be punished for an action or deed that could cause harm to themselves or others, why shouldn’t young adults and adults have the same consequence? A criminal who claims their behavior was determined by science and be thrown into an institution will have no positive or learning experience. I believe if one pleas by reason of insanity, it’s simply only an excuse and a plea for help. Not all individuals are to be trusted as well. For example, one could persuade the judge to believe that genetics were the one to blame, however there’s been no family tree line of crimes that have been committed in the family. Life is too short to allow an individual to convince the jury and judge that genetics are the reasons for every negative event that’s committed by one. I believe this specific system...

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