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Psychology of a Pedophile Essay

  • Submitted by: smarie9
  • on May 21, 2008
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Psychology of a Pedophile
A General Framework
Mid-January a chilling story of two boys, one whom had been missing for four years, the other four long days, was highly publicized across the country. The boys had been found; they were in an apartment in St. Louis, MO. I had first heard of this story from the woman I baby-sit for, Anne Lawson. I was immediately interested. We started watching CNN and talking about what must have been going through those boy’s, and their parents minds, especially the family who had not seen or heard from their son in four years. After that day, I kept up with the story every couple of days to see what the boys had to say or if the parents were even letting their child speak of their horrible experience. A few weeks later, Anne came to pick me up from school and on the way home, we discussed the case. One thing we had both wondered, was why, after all the alone time the teenager who had been missing four years and had a cell phone, did not try to escape. The reason for this, we learned from a friend, Dr. Lisa Lewis. She informed us that kidnappers brain wash their victims. She also told us that the reason Mr. Devlin kidnapped another, younger boy, was because he was a pedophile. Most pedophiles are interested in children who have not yet reached puberty. After learning this, I wanted to know more which is why I chose it for my research topic. I think that my topic is interesting enough and recent enough to keep my audience interested. I plan to inform them on back-round information about pedophile as well as information on what they do, and what type of treatments are available to them. There are many interesting things I have already learned in my research and I know there is more out there. Possible obstacles I may face are offending people and not being able to find many substantial treatment options that have been researched as well as documented.
A Specific Focus
I plan to learn more about the mind of a pedophile as well as...

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