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Psychology Research Table Essay

  • Submitted by: shuaiba
  • on December 6, 2011
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Name | Year | Study | Conclusion | Criticism | Positives |
Shepherd | 1967 | Duration of LTM...showed participants 612 memorable pics 1 at a time...after showed perfect recognition…4 months later they were still able to recognise 50% | Shows that LTM does exist and has a large capacity as the participants remembered pics | | |
Bahrick | 1975 | Duration of LTM...in America...asked people to put names to faces on high school year book...40 years on people were 70% accurate | This shows that LTM is effective and can last a long time. | | |
Lloyd + Margaret Peterson | 1959 | Study of STM...help of 24 students attending their university...recall was tested by saying syllables with a 3 digit number (e.g. GFA 156)...after hearing the participant had to count backwards form this number than recall the nonsense syllable...counting backwards to stop rehearsal...given 2 practise then 8 trials…time spent counting was different | Participants remembered about 90% between a 3 sec interval but only about 2% during an 18 second one...shows STM lasts about 20 seconds at most | Only studying one kind of memory...syllables + words…most of time memory is concerned with other things and not testing duration...nonsense syllable could have been displaced by number...wiping out memory for syllables. | |
Nairne | | Items could be recalled after as long as 96 secs…p’s were asked to recall same items across trials...interference between items + decrease recall | Information remains in STM for quite a while unless other material replaces or overwrites | | |
Joseph Jacobs | 1887 | Used digit span technique to assess capacity of STM | Average span for digits is 9.3 items easier because of only 9 digits compared to 24 letters…digit span increased with age...8 year olds averaged 6.6 digits whilst 19 averaged 8.6 digits...could be due to   increase in brain capacity | | |
Alan Baddeley | - | If initial letters mean something everything else would be easier to remember such as...

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