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Public Cameras Essay

  • Submitted by: punnie89
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Privacy Is Not Survival Anymore
Technology is very popular all over the world, and people can control almost everything by technology. For instance, surveillance cameras help the police prevent criminals by recording what happens in the places where they are put. There has been much convenience since surveillance cameras appeared. The cameras put in some stores protect store entrances; the cameras are put at intersections to capture the pictures of who are speeding, turning illegally, or running the red lights. However, despite many advantages, surveillance cameras undermine our society in three reasons: an erosion of social trust, an expansion of who can control them, and the violation to people’s privacy.
Social trust is simply that you should trust people who are by your side as well as who you love. Will you simply trust your neighbor, or will you put a security camera just to make sure that none of your neighbors would access into your house? This is just an ethical problem. Gray does state: “Private monitoring now encompasses everything from a single camera in the neighborhood corner store, to multi-camera systems that are used to follow "suspicious" persons through shopping malls and parking lots” (par.5). Nowadays, any corner can be put a security camera to protect people’s safety. A lot of new houses are built with cameras on the gates or the doors to make sure that no one can steal anything from the house. Because of the appearance of those cameras, some other people also want to install the security cameras like that in their houses although their houses have been safe before. People have slowly lost their trust on their neighbors because of the development of technology. In the 20th century, when the security cameras have not appeared yet, a host could go out for days without caring that his house can be accessed by a thief because there still were his neighbors to look after the house for him. That is really social trust, and this social trust...

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