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Public Schools In A Democratic Society Essay

  • Submitted by: misskele
  • on February 22, 2011
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When I think about public schools into today’s society I wonder who and what are the of benefits from this schooling and what are some of the issues that public schools face today.   We hear a lot about, standardized testing, cultural/religious biases and no money in the school system.   Schools in America have changed much since its beginnings in the 17th century.   However we still see some of the same issues from centuries ago.  
First and foremost, possibly the most influential man of American public school education is Horace Mann.   Horace Mann felt that a common school would be the "great equalizer" (Urban, & Wagoner, 2009).   He thought with education poverty would most surely disappear with intelligence came new treasures of the mind and not of just material wealth.   He knew that not everyone could afford this luxury.   And so he went on to help to set up the free public school system.   This idea of a free schooling didn’t come around until the 19th century.   Horace Mann at this time works tirelessly for increased funding of public schools and better training for teachers.   Realizing the need for public support and public awareness of the educational problems of poor teaching, substandard materials, inferior school committees and pupil absences, Mann campaigned throughout the State.   This campaign was eminently successful.   The schools were improved everywhere in the State.  
Mann also set up with the property tax to help support these schools and programs.   Local property taxes support the bulk of public education.     Still relevant today we see that in the rural and low income communities there is little room to respond to budget requests.   Schools sometimes must look to grants from foundations and the business community for extra fundings.  
Prayer was a common practice in colonial American schools, which were often merely branches of a local Protestant church.   Along with Bible study, this tradition continued after U.   S.   independence and...

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