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pure poppycock Essay

  • Submitted by: jmilchx64
  • on December 11, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Power of Pure Poppycock
Cigarette ads featured some of the most popular people at times to try to make greater sales and to appeal to the average Americans. First of all, The Flynn effect may be the most counterintuitive scientific finding of the discovery that average people all over the world have had higher IQ test results each decade. Sad to say that there has been no evidence that people are actually any smarter. Second of all, long before lung cancer was wide spread as a concern, athletes were saying that smoking did not detract from their performance or stamina. Cigarette ads used all star baseball players to endorse their products. It would not have mattered which the all stars smoked because they were the greatest at their time. Now a day, you will find famous actors and singers that swear that smoking isn’t bad just to hook more people so they can get paid by their endorsements. The doctors that gave the advice on the ads were really just actors but they looked the part and people bought the idea. Dr. Robert K. Jackler said, “The Industry enlisted the best talent available, I look at these ads and I see genius at work.” This was proof that the Medical Association never even thought of objecting these false advertisement ads. Sometimes even the same ads had contradicted itself on claims about cigarettes being soothing and claming your nerves. Finally, many brands used this method to attract the product to the person. Most of the cigarette companies had defensive claims on the health issues dealt with smoking. This should have notified the average reader that certain things are “too good to be true”. Over all, cigarette companies will go through so much just to lead people to believe certain things by false example so they too will purchase their product in the hopes to get hooked on it.

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