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Puritans In The 1900's Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Puritans were a group of English protestants that lived in the 16th and 17th century as an activist movement within the Church of England. They believed the bible so literal, such as it is down to every last word. Puritans were so religious, that they lived in fear of sin and of the night, where they were said that wizards, witches and the devil lived. They often called themselves "Goodman" or "Goody" as in "good man" and "good wife". They were so focused on other people's sins that they did not see their own. Much of them kept secrets from their community; women often married for wealth and/or land and committed abortion. Men committed adultery and would have to kill newborns as they were the proof of their lies and cheating. This is roughly why they believed that human beings were created under the image of the devil by God.

    Young Goodman Brown was a man of strong belief, as he followed the puritan ways. He was brought up an innocent young man believing in the goodness of his father, grandfather and all the people that surround him. As he leaves his house, Faith, his young wife of good and pure intentions, asks him to stay and explains that she gets scared of being by herself and free to think troubling thoughts. As one of my favorite the quotes says: "The devil lives within an empty mind". He leaves for his evil trip knowing that even though he will come across evil, he will be saved by the holiness of Faith and that she will keep him from resisting evil. As he walks into the forest, he comes across a man that greets him as if he were expecting him. This man looks so much like Goodman, they could easily pass for father and son. Goodman is lead the way into the forest by this man and is revealed that he is the devil and that he knew his father and grandfather, whom he so much respected, as well as Goody Cloyse, a respected woman from the village, and many other members of the churches in New England.

    All this comes to a shock for Young Goodman...

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