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Purpose And Promotion Essay

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Below is an essay on "Purpose And Promotion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

AO1 purpose of promotion

  1. To raise awareness

  Promotion involves telling customers about new products and persuading them purchase the product. Many companies that bring out new products use different ideas of advertising there product they will also use catch phrases, magazines to advertise and television is commonly used

  Four stages of promotion are

  A: Attention: and business will use interesting graphics, music to suit the product, or snappy slogans. For example www.comparethemarket.com – www.compairthemarket.com also they might sell products on sail, or have a special offer on a product.

  I: Interest: provide enough information to make the audience interested enough in the product to look up additional information. For example the Thomas Cook advert is designed to make you feel like you want to have a holiday and, the best way to fly is with them! Looking up additional information on their website www.thomascook.com

  D: Desire: to have enough additional information to want to have the product

  A: Action: having supplied the audience with enough persuasive information, and enough deals to actually choosing to buy the product.

  2.   To generate sales

  In order to sell a product a company will use promotional activities to advertise but they cost money so will have to increase the cost of the advertised product. Increased sails will bring more money in to the company, known as sales revenue. (Items sold*selling price=sales revenue) the aims of promotional campaigns are the gain finance and market shares.

  3.   To compete

  Competitive markets give costumers choices. Well noticed products still have to be advertised extensively, despite understanding and awareness of the product. For example nesquik cereal/ and milkshake is constantly being advertised, especially on the television, even though has been around for many years

  Factors influencing effectiveness

  4.   How messages are encoded...

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