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Qin Dynasty Essay

  • Submitted by: ChrisGuzman11
  • on February 28, 2011
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Period 2
Chris Guzman
Qin Dynasty

  1. Beginning of Ying Zheng’s reign. (Approximately 246 B.C.E.)
        a. Ying Zheng came to power as leader of the Qin Dynasty at age 13 after the death of his supposed father.
              i. Several plots arose to assassinate Ying Zheng including some by his own parents.
            ii. Did not have full power over the region until the age of 22, when he rid himself of his predecessor, Lu Buwei, who was also his probable real father.
        b. Assassination attempts
              i. Multiple were plotted against him, even by his own mother.
            ii. Grew paranoid as a result of multiple assassination attempts, and in one instance is said to have banished all foreign scholars from his court as spies.
  2. Warring States Period
        a. The Han Kingdom fell to the power of the Qin in 230 B.C.E.
        b. Zhao are invaded in 229 B.C.E
              i. After an earthquake left the region unprepared and damaged, Ying Zheng took advantage of this and invaded the region.
            ii. The Zhao eventually fell to the power of the Qin in 222 B.C.E.
        c. Wei fell in 225, followed by the Chu in 223, and Yan in 222.
        d. The Qi were the last kingdom to fall to the power of the Qin.
  3. Unified China
        a. After the unification of China in 221 B.C.E. Ying Zheng switched his name to Shi Huangdi (First Emperor) due to believing that his actions were greater than previous kings/rulers.
        b. Unification of northern China wasn’t the end of Shi Huangdi’s (Ying Zheng) reign however.
              i. He continued to expand his boundaries to the south.
        c. Created a central government that the empire could use.
              i. Reorganized the bureaucracy, abolishing the existing nobility and replacing them with his own appointed officials.
            ii. Built a system of roads with the capital Xianyang at the hub.
            iii. Simplified the written...

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