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Question 2 Essay

  • Submitted by: whcayndy
  • on August 1, 2009
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Early on, as children, we are influenced directly as well as indirectly by an innumerable amount of outside forces. These forces later dictate our train of thought and blend in with or own unique character. Seamus Deane’s experiences with vivid, picturesque novels and truthful, simple writings clearly impacted him and his style of writing shown by his choice of diction, syntax, imagery and the way he regards both the novel and essay.
Overall his diction is simple and easy, but there are moments when he shifts to “long and strange words”.   His simple diction, such as “good”, “bad” and “many” are all solid words, with no need for imagination when interpreting. Such simple diction is an influence he picked up from the teachings of his childhood. It was his school master who informed him that real writing was “telling the truth”. It was in the “country boy’s” paper that he first reveled in the beauty of such simple diction; of such straight forward and blunt word choice used to describe a “blue-and-white jug full of milk” or a “covered dish of potatoes”. The objects are simply what they are; nothing less and nothing more. However he goes on to use words like “wispy”, “shawly”, “sibilant” and “wailing”. This particular bunch stirs the mind to imagine in its own way what “wispy” and “shawly” may be, or how exactly a “wailing” night wind is meant to sound. These creative words are brought upon by the influence of the novels Deane read as a child. The tales of heroes and battles, no doubt filled with “long and strange” words, reflect Deane’s more imaginative and creative diction.
Reviewing Deane’s syntax is done almost as easily as his diction since it holds the same simplicity. Sentences are short such as “she was too good for him” and “I read and re-read the opening many times”. There is no trace of over exaggerated sentences in the passage, and only the simple, short sentences that are easy to follow along are present. Such syntax is also evidence that the country...

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