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Questions For The Comments Essay

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Questions for The Crossing
1. There are many things that he compares the border line to. He says it a sieve and a brick wall. He says that it defines him as it defies him. It is a meaningless thing. It is a matter of life and death. He describes it as a metaphor. He emphasizes its complexity to show how important this line is and how many different parts it has. It also explains why he has so many difficulties with it.
2. Because he is a journalist he tends to go with the peoples opinion rather than the governments. This is the reason why he does what is morally right rather than what is legally right.   His family has experienced this so it hits home for him.
3. He represents Victor as a symbol of issues that conflict what is morally right and what is legally right. Victor himself might represent himself as just a man who is struggling to reach freedom like many others.
4. He uses this word because he knows that the deed he is doing is not the best thing to do. He uses it because it goes hand in hand with what he is trying to accomplish. He does not use it anywhere else because it is a derogatory term and does not want to ruin his piece.
5. Journal: Its funny but also sad how sometimes the law and what is morally right are not always the same. It should be but I think it would be merely impossible to accomplish this.

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