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Raised To Be Lowered Essay

  • Submitted by: NoWheaties
  • on December 5, 2011
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Nathan Wheatley
Eng 1010

Raised to be Lowered:
The American Education System

What does it mean to be educated?   What does it mean to learn?   Why do we, as humans, continue to pursue education?   These are the questions I’ve come to contemplate as I reminisced about the way I was raised and prepared for the future here in America.   I realized that my education; given that I was raised in a peaceful society, without threat of war, or starvation, or disease, should have served me much better.   Every generation educates the next so that the latter can exceed the limits of their ancestors.   But my generation of Americans is the first to show blatant evidence that we have been raised NOT to evolve, but to be lowered by a consumerist system that feeds off of the middle and lower class.

America has been underfunding the education of its youth for years.   Since in America schools are mostly funded by local government, this makes me believe that we have either ignorantly perpetuated, or purposefully perpetrated (even on a subconscious level) an education system that has just one primary goal: creating consumers.   However, a true education system should perpetuate itself and have an obvious primary goal of creating higher levels of education.   Americans simply do not care about the education of their youth in the proper manner.   This is because we have had it too easy for too long, losing sight of proper goals, and what it means to prepare for the future.   As long as kids are in school, we believe they are being educated.   But what sort of education can a continually underfunded system provide?   A beneficial one-most; certainly not.   Currently most states spend about $10,000 on each student in their school system and at least twice that much on each prisoner in their corrections system.   This is a backwards allotment of monies that only highlights how little importance we put on what our kids are learning.

Underfunded schools are unable to provide...

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