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Ramonds Run Essay

  • Submitted by: Chizzy
  • on December 11, 2008
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Christopher Nieves P.1
I think that squeaky would be a good friend for several reasons. Squeaky is a very caring person. Another thing is that she is also very humble. And lastly she is determined.
Squeaky is a very caring person. She never says that her brother is stupid or weird; she refers to her brother as “not quite right”. (pg.650) She is also a person that would stick up for you which is also a good thing. Like when she was confronted by Gretchen and Mary Louise she right away told them anything they have to say to Raymond has to go through her.(pg.652) Even when Mary Louise was a new student and got picked on by all the students Squeaky defended her. So it’s good to have friends that will stick up for you and Squeaky is one of them.
Squeaky is also very humble. Although Squeaky comes off as very fierce in the begging of the story is actually very humble. The best example of this is at the end of the story she acknowledges Gretchen’s skill as a runner and is very nice. Squeaky even says that she wouldn’t have really cared if she had lost she had her mind more so on how she had all these medals but her brother had none. She recognized Raymond’s skill and how he kept up with her and wasn’t worried about if she had won more so that she could train Raymond to run so maybe he could get some medals himself. Having a humble and unselfish friend is another trait you should look for in your friends.
Lastly Squeaky is an extremely determined person. When Squeaky trains she goes all out no matter how dumb it may look. Like when she does her knee exercise to keep her knees strong and she looks like a “Prancing Pony”. (pg.651) Another reason is because when she studies for something she studies hard she’ll stay up all night studying for a spelling bee. Squeaky is one of the most determined people I’ve read about and she doesn’t care how dumb she looks practicing. Having determined friends are good because they can also rub off on you and influence you to work hard...

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