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Random Story Essay

  • Submitted by: Chaos-Jester
  • on December 14, 2008
  • Category: English
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Once upon a place, in a magical time there was a region in the world called Dragonspine.   In Dragonspine there lived a king and his subjects, but there was one very special subject who lived there. He was a Smurf named Baba-ganoosh. Baba-ganoosh was the best dancer in the entire kingdom; he could dance any style imaginable and even some that weren’t.
One day a dragon was spotted flying over the kingdom heading towards the castle. The dragon got there and destroyed three towers in the castle. Before the kings men could get to the dragon, it flew away. The king was furious, so for months he hired knights and dragon slayers to slay the dragon, but all fell to the might of the dragon. The king, having run out of options, roamed the streets of his kingdom. Out of the corner of his eye, the king saw Baba-ganoosh dancing in front of a crowd and how the crowd was memorized. One of the bystanders was so amazed that he had a seizure. The king was very impressed, and waited for Baba-ganoosh to finish. “You dance astoundingly, would you do your king a favor?” said the king.   “Mmm, depends on what I have to do.” said Baba-ganoosh. “All you have to do is slay one little dragon for me, and in return I will make you a member of my royal court.” claimed the king. “Sounds good to me…” and Baba-ganoosh was off.
After a few days of searching Baba-ganoosh found the dragon’s lair, he took a deep breath and proceeded in. After a bit of wondering he rounded a corner and came face to face with the dragon. He was shocked at first, but after a few seconds he started break dancing. Noticing that the dragon somewhat entertained, and seeing a cowboy hat in the corner, Baba-ganoosh started to square dance. The dragon became furious and swung his tale at Baba-ganoosh, hitting him in the leg, breaking it in four different places. Baba-ganoosh, fearful for his life, he crawled out of the dragon’s lair.
The nearest doctor was in the town of Chocolate Spire. But when...

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