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Reading And Retention Essay

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Below is an essay on "Reading And Retention" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I think it is a lot easier reading from short bulleted points because you get exactly what you need and the reader gets exactly what they are looking for. It chops off most of the unnecessary sentences that you do not need to read.
I was interested in reading this because I would like to learn how to keep my audience more interested while I am standing in front of several classmates. I do not want my audience to become bored of my subject or catch others taking naps during my presentation, because then I feel as though that I am not keeping them interested but the real reason is that they are rude and inconsiderate. What pops up into your head first is that you are not doing your job right by keeping the audience interested.
I kept on wanting to read more and then it was the end of the page without anymore words left. I decided that I am going to practice on my own by being the center of attention while I am with my group of friends. If I stand out more in front of my friends and use that same technique in the classroom a lot of people will like to hear what I have to say, even the professor.
Minimizing distractions were easy. All I had to do is turn the television off and I did the same with my cell phone. Then my focus is completely on what I need to accomplish.
No, I did not become emotionally involved.
Picking valuable props is what I was really interested in because sometimes I would bring the wrong props or I think I should have used a different example. They are right when they say you do not need to bring a whole box of props. You just need a little bit of props to get your point across.
Dig Deep: Having an effective business presentation that will have the audience on their feet requires more than the usual factoid dropped into your PowerPoint.
Simple Slides: Beware of the PowerPoint presentation. Many corporate brains will turn off at the sight of yet another PowerPoint presentation.

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