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Readmittance Essay

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The summer of 2008 was a summer of great anticipation. I was accepted into Purdue University with a full ride scholarship. My future was dazzling. I had goals I was determined to reach, dreams I was sure to achieve, plans with tenacious momentum. I began my first year confident of my abilities and grateful for the opportunity to express them. However, my initial enthusiasm gave way to the many distractions that come with college life. I began to procrastinate on my assignments and stayed out later. I stopped going to tutoring sessions and made excuses for occasionally missing classes. Soon, what started out as an unfaltering drive to succeed transformed into a lost focus of the most important theme in life: my future. I could list reason after reason for my downfalls. First, I had always been under constant supervision in high school from teachers, coaches, and my parents.   In addition, I was taking first-year engineering courses, one of the most rigorous, time consuming, and difficult freshman courses at Purdue University. Lastly, my closest personal relationships were failing which deeply affected my aptitude academically and otherwise. However, when I stopped making excuses for my poor work ethic, I recognized the coveted position I so easily compromised.   I was admitted to one of the most renowned engineering colleges in the nation. Furthermore, I was blessed without the financial burdens of tuition. Most importantly, I had countless family members and friends who supported me and believed in my abilities, all of whom I let down. Though I deeply regret my past failure, I am determined to begin with the same drive I had when I took my first step on Purdue University‚Äôs campus as a college freshman. I now understand that is it necessary not only to strive for success, but also to stay committed to that success regardless of outside influences or personal afflictions. Now it is the winter of 2009. Again, I wait with great anticipation to attend Purdue University....

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