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Reasons American Shop Essay

  • Submitted by: starcrafttx
  • on March 1, 2011
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Reasons Americans Shop
America is a nation of shoppers.   They shop so much that the nation’s economy is based on them spending their money. If America stops spending, the economy goes down.   When Americans start spending, the economy goes up.   Shopping is no longer just for the rich. It has become a major problem for every social economic level. But until our society identifies the causes, Americans will not stop shopping.  
When investigating the very root of the causes of shopping, a financial company found four fundamental causes for why Americans shop: competition, to relieve stress or worries, easy credit, and media.(Balance Fitness Program, 2006)   In order to curb the urge to shop, society must identify and deal with the problem head-on. It does little good to say you are going to stop.   Just like the addict on the street, you will soon need a fix of shopping. The only sure fix is to identify the problem and how it is affecting the quality of life. By arousing public awareness to the causes and effects of their spending, the population will be able to control their spending habits.
The first major cause of shopping is competition. The need to win travels through every pore of their being.   If they don’t win at everything in life, they will be losers.   This applies to the need for possessions. Americans are in competition with friends and neighbors for belongings.(Rab, 316) The old cliché   trying to “ Keep up with the Joneses”(Momand, 1915) has a lot of meaning in today’s society.   For example, most people want their children to have everything that other children have, or drive into any neighborhood of the same social economic status and each house looks the same as next.   The effects of competition lead us to purchases items we may not need just because someone else owns it.   Nobody wants to be called a loser.
Secondly, the media plays a huge role in America’s spending habits. The media has wormed its way into every aspect of today’s civilization....

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