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Reconstruction Essay

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  • on February 28, 2011
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Reconstruction: Research Paper

      After the North defeated the South in the Civil War, politicians faced the task of putting the divided country back together. With the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, it was up to President Andrew Johnson to try to bring the South back to the Union. During the Congressional Reconstruction Era, the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 laid out the process for readmitting Southern states into the Union. All the black slaves were freed after the Civil War. The Fourteenth Amendment (1868) provided former slaves with national citizenship, and the Fifteenth Amendment (1870) granted black men the right to vote. Some historians believe that the Reconstruction was a failure because it did not fully protect the black's rights and heal the racial divisions. However, the success in bringing south back to the nation, legally providing the black people education for the first time, and setting the foundation for black people's rights makes Reconstruction in the long term a success.
      The greatest success achieved during the Reconstruction was readmitting the South back to the nation. Because of the conflict between the north and south due to slavery, the south had seceded. The Civil War started and the north won. When the Civil War was finally over, the Congress needed a way to readmit the southern states back into the union and the politicians debated how to treat the defeated South after the war. President Lincoln, President Johnson, and the Congress had similar ideas for the readmission of the southern states, but their primary goal was to form a firm union by readmitting the South.
      Despite efforts of Lincoln, Johnson and Congress to readmit the southern states back to the union, the south was not willing to accept the Reconstruction. In 1895, Carl Schurz, a German immigrant who eventually became a U.S. Senator, said that, "the loyalty of the masses and most of the leaders of the southern people consists in...

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