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Recovered Memories Essay

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In this paper I will cover some issues about the validity of recovered Memories. Some issues that I found interesting are the use of persuasive therapy with children and how it tends to influence an outcome that the therapist is leading the child to. Studies have shown that some recovered memories as being false because it has no collaborating evidence. Although this is a touchy subject it is very interesting.
Memory, defined by the dictionary: is the mental reaction of
containing and recalling past experiences. A repressed memory is: one that
is held in the sub conscious mind, where the individual is not aware of it but
it can still affect both conscious thoughts and behavior. When memory becomes distorted it is sometimes called False Memory Syndrome. False memory syndrome is a condition in which a person believes that he or she remembers events that have not actually occurred and is a condition when a person’s identity and interpersonal relationships intermingle with and around a traumatic experience. This memory can be objectionably false but that individual will strongly believe it to be true.
I am not saying these memories are inaccurate we all have memories that are distorted. The Syndrome is diagnosed when the memory is so deeply intertwined that it controls the individual’s entire lifestyle and personality, when this occurs it will disrupt other adaptive behaviors. False Memory Syndrome is destructive for the person because the individual will avoid any confrontation that would prove that memory to be false and is completely convinced that their memories are real. The individual memory will take on a life of its own making it impossible for the memory to be corrected.   The individual becomes so focused on the memory that coping with other personal problems does not seem important and underlying issue will often be ignored.
In the 1980’s there seemed to be a huge increase in well documented memories of child sexual abuse. These memories were often...

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