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Recruitment and Selection Essay

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1.1 Purpose
The purpose of the business report is to examine and assess S&I Corp.’s recruitment and selection practise. The investigation of current recruitment and selection strategy within the organization is carried out. The integrity of the strategy is assessed by comparing the current recruitment and selection process with the theoretical and academic process. Finally, recommendations will be made based on the areas need to be improved.
1.2 Scope
The business report covers one main area within the organization’s strategy for recruitment and selection. This area is the recruitment and selection process used. It covers the steps used to implement the organisation’s recruitment and selection process. These strengths and weakness will be discussed in this report. The areas need to be improved are identified and recommendation are also made.  
1.3 Methodology
The methodology had two phases. The first phase consisted of a research for the recruitment and selection process within the organization, this include the research on the report published by the organization, the current job vacancies and job descriptions posted on the organization website. The second phase involved a broadly research on the theoretical and academic information, use materials such as text books, academic journal articles to determine the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process.
1.4 Limitations
Much of what has been published in the academic journal articles is interesting and maybe thought provoking, but limited from a research prospective. Studies have been only focus on those article, may not enough for this report to examine thoroughly.
The information gathered from the organization is the general recruitment and selection practise rule set up by the organization only. It is difficult to gather enough useful data and sources from the organization as it is an oversea organization and due to the limit time and budget of this report.
1.5 Assumption

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