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Reesearch Proposal Essay

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Research proposal
As a parent and educator who is concerned for the well being of today’s youth, I cringe whenever I see blatant sexuality in the media.   I do not consider my response prudish, as I see sex as a form of intimacy and enjoyment. However, I do strongly oppose the constant bombardment of sexual situations and images in the media, specifically television, movies, music, and advertisements.   Because of the way sex is depicted in the media, I respond in anger and disgust.   My instincts and my conscience tell me that something is fundamentally wrong with the explicit and indecent depictions of sex in the media. I fear that my children will get the wrong idea about sex, one that will lead them to the trivialize it and to promiscuity, and that they will suffer the many repercussions that accompany adolescent sexual activity. I am certain that my fears are valid, but my fears and my reactions alone cannot provide any actual evidence of my suspicions.   They most definitely would not provide adequate proof and information to execute my goals of effectively persuading those around me to take their children’s exposure to sex in the media more seriously. Therefore, I will diligently research the effects of sex in the media on teenagers of today.   I intend to discover concrete evidence that will show the negative impact sexual material in television, movies, music, and advertisements has on our youth today and how it influences their behavior.   I also propose to come up with a plan to educate parents on the most effective ways of educating and protecting their children from such effects.
  Because my paper will focus on the perils of the media on the physical and emotional well being of our youth, my target audience will be the PTA, teachers, school administrators, pediatricians, along with parents of children of all ages.   The disciplines I will incorporate in my research include Psychology and Sociology.

Research Plan
In preparation for my research, I...

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