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Reflection Lab Essay

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The purpose of this lab is to determine if light obeys the law of reflection on various surfaces.   The law of reflection states that the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence.

Reflection is defined as the change in direction of a light wave between two different media.   There are two types of reflection, specular reflection and diffuse reflection.   Diffuse reflection is one that is on a rough surface.   Specular reflection refers to the reflection of light from a smooth surface.   This lab deals with specular reflection.   With this type of reflection, as shown in Figure 1.1, the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence and the reflected ray is on the opposite side of the normal from the incident ray, and the incident ray, surface normal, and reflected ray all lie in the same plane.  
ѳ’1 = ѳ1.

Figure 1.1   Law of Reflection

Reflection occurs when there is an interface between two different media. For a piece of glass, there are two surfaces, the front initial surface, and then the surface at the back of the glass based on the thickness of the glass.   One light source will reflect off of both surfaces causing two images of reflection.  

1. Light Source Spectra Physics 155 Laser
2. Optics Bench Pasco Scientific
3. Angular Translator OS-9106A
4. Component Carrier OS-9107
5. Glass Plate OS-9128
6. Acrylic Plate OS-9129
7. Mirror OS-9136
8. Viewing Screen OS-9138

Figure 1.2   Setup 
1. Position light source on the left side of the optical bench.   Place angular translator about 25 cm from the end of the light source.   Align 0˚ parallel to the bench.   Rotate table so scored line runs perpendicular and parallel to bench.
2. Center the viewing screen and place the assembly on the rotating table of the translator so the front surface coincides with the second line on the table.
3. Switch light on and adjust until the image appears in the viewing...

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