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reflection on Postman Essay

  • Submitted by: wsserpat
  • on December 8, 2009
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In suggesting that as long as writing and reading dealt with serious subjects, then the mind stayed serious and advertisements that had jingles are what created the downturn in this seriousness of mind Postman made only an observation but did not establish it as a fact. By reading a serious subject not every individual’s mind will stay serious if anything an individual’s mind is liable to wander lacking to stay focused amongst various things. Advertisements with jingles are something of another issue as well taking a form to spread in society “Advertising became one part psychology, one part aesthetic theory. Reason had to move itself to other arenas.”(60)
Focusing on Postman’s observation that by reading or writing serious material one’s mind stays serious is a rather narrow perspective. For example let’s say a man is reading a tragedy but in his mind he is laughing at the irony because he saw this plot twist coming or rather expected it even though the subject of the death is quite serious. Another example would be a reader reading a book that dealt with serious subjects however the author or source was not trust worthy would the reader then have a serious mind set? As Postman states “This is especially the case with the act of reading, for authors are not always trustworthy. They lie, they become confused, they over-generalize, they abuse logic and, sometimes, common sense.”(50) Sometimes serious material read or written may not exactly be written with honesty in mind leading readers to no longer take the material they are reading as something serious. A writer’s contradiction can lead to a reader’s distrust in the material they are reading putting the writer’s credibility at stake in turn when one observes today’s society would one trust an article about heart attacks in a fashion magazine or rather one in a medical journal? One can however be sure of one thing though both of the aforementioned will contain advertisements.
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