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Reflective Essay

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George D. Miller
                        Middle School of Learning&Discovering.
the difference between being love&be unwanted.

As Desmond sits in 1st First period Chelly Mars passes him a note he opens the note and the note says:''Dear,Des .This is yhur secret Admirer iknow yhu doesn't kno who im is but call me at this # 336-555-1089 .Asap ..So whe can get to kno ejetha moe.:)     --TheSweetest,,(YhurrAdmirer)''.He folded the note up and put it in his backpack.His bestfriend Jarves tapped him on the shoulder and asked''Aye,Man let me see it''He laughted and said ''No!Its for only me..But Chelley pasted it to me and It has some junk on say your secret admirer or some junk''then Jarves said ''okay''. Then the Bell Rang and then everyone started runing and pilling up at the door pushing and strubbing .Then Mrs.Jackson the History teacher said ''Kendrick ,Give us a minute Please?''He said I got to go Gym an--and you   know how far that is .''Mrs.Jackson said I'll give you a pass.''Desmond said''Man! You know he doesn't like taking passes''..He walked over and listened''Said I know you hasn't been doing your best in My Class but I won't to Help you and I do..So do you won't my Help and Pass my class and Next semester I wont you to   take History II and take Ms.Karrey.''.Desmond Comment back and said ''Okay I will'' Mrs.Jackson comment back again and said ''And you know I wants to see the Basketball team Wining,And seeing you with that Jersy say''Hawlks'' in front..''He walks off Laughting and say ''Okay'' as soon as he steps out the room door the Bell sounds..Desmond turns around and ask''Can I Have the Pass ..Even though he not going to take it and I'm going to have to sit in the office for the whole period.''She said ''Welcome?''He Comment back and said ''Thanks!!" He walks down the cordnels of Miller and runs to the Gym and through his stuff down and run in Exercise Position and Coach Jerden says''Why were you late??You know you Bless wright?''He said'' yes'' and...

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