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Rejection. Essay

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Below is an essay on "Rejection." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Rejection is emotionally painful when one feels not being accepted in a group or society.This is all due to social nature in human beings and the basic needs to be accepted. Everyone will experience rejection at a certain point of their lifetime,whether in a romantic relationships,friendships or even in a society that you are living now.

There is a saying ; we cannot presume things to be the same forever. Life has full of challenges that we have to face. For instance,some people who are still indulging on happiness sometimes tend to forget to think the other side of the hill. When they lost everything that they had been having,then they started to realise what is actually happening. In society,some people will feel being left out just because of their differences towards each other. They are not being accepted for who they are and this really put on a pressure on them whereas the other side of the party feels so highly of themselves just because they are unlike the unfortunate ones. In here,arrogance tells it all.

In love relationships,people often sees everything in a beautiful state on the beginning.However,when things went wrong,they react very differently and simply put a fullstop to their relationships.This is because they thought this is the simplest way to sort things out despite knowing the fact that actually both party had not been accepting each other really well. When both accepts,things would not went haywire as your partner knows your inside and out and would not even do things that you never like it that way. Hence, this is where acceptance is not present and also the egoism in both partners turns everything into rejection.

I believe try for not being arrogance and ego towards one another is a way to stop rejection.We have to understand how rejection works and what important things that we could spare a thought in our mind for saying no to rejection. Rejection does not only hurt you emotionally,thus, it affects your self-reputation and...

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