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religion Essay

  • Submitted by: hypursnypur
  • on December 4, 2008
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Below is an essay on "religion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Assuming that one does not read this naked, it is safe to pose the question to all, has one thought about the work, transportation, exploitation, and origin that is put into every article of clothing you are wearing? That seam on the designer jeans doesn’t magically appear, just like the buttons on the Lacoste Polo don’t suddenly fall right into place.   If most people knew the reality of the global economy/marketplace when it comes to clothing and exploitation of workers I wouldn’t be surprised if most ripped off all their clothing out of utter disgust.
This situation couldn’t be articulated any better than in the case study The Race to the Bottom in the Apparel Industry.   Three vastly different individuals are mentioned within the case study, and in today’s society (for that matter) they not only represent themselves but also those particular archetypes that epitomize the severity of race, class, and gender within today’s world. First we have Jeffrey Cares (who sadly gives other Jeffrey’s a bad name), who plays the owner of WC Jeans.   As like most businesses within American society not only is the owner a male, but also his first level of subservient positions are also dominantly male as well seeing that in this case not one of his “production management” employees are female. From what is read one assumes that not very much physical labor is done by Jeffrey.   He is just another tally on the board when it comes to this post industrial world where the higher you go on the work ladder the more knowledge/education matter rather than level of labor. Next we have Patricia Gomez who works as a sweatshop factory employee for WC Jeans in Mexico.   She makes an equivalent of $5.20 an hour and it can be assumed that with her geographical location, her wage, and her job that she is of lower socio-economic status than most.   She is the unseen producer, that without we would not have the luxury of some clothing today.   Also she underwent family distress by moving farther from...

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