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religion exegesis Essay

  • Submitted by: regnungg15
  • on August 4, 2009
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Below is an essay on "religion exegesis" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The context of Luke chapter 7:36-50, ‘A Sinful Woman Forgiven’ is in the Galilean ministry. Before this pericope, messengers from john the Baptist, Jesus raises the widow’s son at Nain and Jesus heals a centurion’s servant. After chapter 7:36-50, some women accompany Jesus, Jesus teaches with the parables (the parable of the sower and the purpose), the true kindred of Jesus and Jesus calms a storm. Luke puts these particular passages before ‘a sinful woman forgiven’ to continue to build up Jesus credentials, as done in the previous chapters also. Luke also put in parallel accounts from men and women, showing that women also have a part in society. Luke also shows parallel accounts of people having faith, and those that do not. John the Baptist of all people, who was suppose to be ushering in the coming of the messiah, even questions Jesus’ identity. Where those who are seen to not be ‘worthy of Jesus’ time, are showing him endless faith (the centurion and the widow), and Jesus rewards their faith, by healing. This is further supporting Luke’s purpose that Jesus is the messiah for a people. ‘A sinful woman’ is then placed after these pericopes to fulfil the parallels as well as showing how important it is to repent and have faith. Directly after it goes onto Jesus further teaching about the correct way to live, this is shown in his parable of the sower and ‘a lamp under a jar’. He further proves his identity to his disciples when he calms the storm. These further support his mission statement, as he is bringing good news to the centurion and widow and giving ‘sight’ (to see how to live) to the blind. Geographically, this part of the chapter is set in Capernaum. This is significant since Capernaum was mainly home to gentiles. And as Jesus prophesised, ‘a prophet is never accepted in his own town’. This leads him to other towns, to deliver gods good news. It was also surprising how much faith, each gentile had shown Jesus in Capernaum, their faith exceeded all Jews,...

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