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Religion I Believe Essay

  • Submitted by: bretzgernick
  • on February 24, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Mr. Morris M-207

I believe….

I believe in imperfections. Imperfections is thing in this world that makes it great. It makes people who they are. No one or thing is perfect in this world, there is always something wrong. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing because we learn from these imperfections. Being imperfect makes us make a lot of mistakes, therefore, we may even hurt someone else in those mistakes we make. You may not like mistakes, but I love them. I love them because they make me a better person every single day. Mistakes are what make us learn in this world. For example, back in history there was a very bad thing that happened called the Great Depression. It was very bad time for this country, however we learned from this so we wouldn’t let it happen again. Also this can help you as a person because when you do something bad like cheat or steal, we all know that is a very bad thing, but you can learn from these mistakes that you made and you wont do it again. So being imperfect has made you learn new things every single day and if we were all perfect everyone would   be the same. No one would be unique and create things. All the scientist that make inventions such as paint killers and acne remover. 90 % of those scientist are even trying to make that, they are going for something so much different, but they made a mistake and this is what happened and its something good that happened. Being imperfect lets you explore the world in many different ways. If you were perfect in every way, you would know everything so what would be the point of living then. Isn’t the point of living to learn and   explore the mysterious parts of this world. To be able to explore the mysterious points of the world makes you live the life you want to live. This is why I believe in imperfections and how it makes you and I better people every day.

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