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Religion Vs Cults Outline

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Gomez 1  

Nicole Gomez
November 8, 2010
Research Paper Outline

In today’s society there is a very thin line in classifying the difference between religions and cults: categorized religions don’t practice rituals that include killing or forceful membership, some cults on the other hand, claim that sacrificial practices and other politically incorrect movements are part of their religious belief.

I.   Religion vs. Cults
  A.   Religions aren’t as immoral and forceful as some classified cults.
        1.   Religions don’t impose as much inappropriate doings as cults do.
        2.   Most cults impose the practice of going against the government.
        3.   Established religions don’t use subliminally enforced rules, its mostly free will.
  B.   Most believe cults should have as much freedom as religions do.
        1. Thomas Taylor claims, “Almost all Christian denominations have some aspects that would fit into the many vague definitions of cults.”
        2.   Cult leaders play a bigger role in converting followers than the actual beliefs of the cult itself.
        3.   Experts say it just takes for the individual to be easily persuaded.

II.   Extreme cults should be outlawed.
A.   The high-profile tragedies involving cults over the past decades are proof of the danger of such cults.
      1.   Example of “The Jonestown Cult” -912 followers were given a deadly concoction of a purple drink mixed with cyanide, sedatives, and tranquilizers, some of them drank it by force.
      2.   Example of the beliefs of the “Order of the Solar Temple” cult members- since 1993 more than 70 members have either committed suicide or been ritually killed in various countries.
B.   Some cults recruit younger adults who are vulnerable and easier susceptible to believe radical ideals to benefit the cult leader.
    1. Encourage disconnection from their own family and friends.
    2.   People that are undergoing emotional struggles are the one targeted to join...

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